Ibiza Style has been the island's leading lifestyle magazine for over a decade, bringing quality, informative and engaging content, perfectly paired with carefully crafted images which are chosen from creative visions, born from a fervent passion for excellence in artistic values.

Ibiza Style is more than a magazine, it is a book, a collector’s item, a publication to be kept and re-read over and over again. Our values are committed to giving an authentic insight into the heart of the island’s diverse culture.

Our readers are international, affluent, creative, open-minded and culturally experienced. They are socially adept and seeking new experiences within the worlds of gastronomy, fashion, wellness, music, art, and ecology. In Ibiza, they find themselves immersed in the most forward-thinking culture and within our pages, are able to explore new paths and discover new experiences.

This is why we decided to create the Ibiza Style online boutique, to give our readers followers the chance to choose from a selection of uniquely numbered and branded, high quality items of clothing. We trust that you will enjoy this retail experience and bring a touch of island magic into your world.